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The building is an office building – approximately 35,000m2 in gross area and 120m in height – in central Vancouver. It is conceived as a stack of glass boxes with multiple orientations to capture the surrounding views of mountains and water.

From the exterior the multi-faceted façade appears arbitrary and abstract. This belies the rigor of its organization, which is symmetrical and repetitive: a centralized core, 4 typical floorplates, and a curtain wall based on one module. Owing to the efficiency of the plan, there are only 6 columns with spans of over 15m. The remaining, cantilevering portions are braced by staggered walls beneath. Since the stacked volumes do not have interlocking floorplates, the boxes appear to slide over each other.

The main driver behind the organization was to find a way to bring the façade closer to the otherwise dark and undesirable “back” area around the core. By allowing the façade to fold inward at regular intervals, daylight and views are introduced in to the depths of the floorplate.